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   Our Mission:
      To find the argument
        to which there is no counterargument.

Amy Singer, Ph.D.     

Amy Singer, Ph.D., visionary and nationally recognized authority, leads the way in the art, science, and technology of decision making and the psychology of persuasion. Her think tank of psychologists, attorneys, sociologists, theologists, philosophers and anthropologists offers a unique methodology in providing strategic planning.

Welcome to Trial Consultants, Inc.®

Trial Consultants, Inc.® (TCI) is a firm specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Trial Strategy. TCI pioneered the trial consulting specialty in 1979 offering creative strategic solutions for difficult problem areas encountered in litigation.

A thorough understanding of attitudes and decision-making processes, case strengths, weaknesses, evidence perception and powerful graphics prepares attorneys before and during arbitration, mediation and trials — giving TCI clients undeniable advantages.

TCI has conducted and been involved in thousands of focus groups, mock trials, jury simulations and voir dire consultations, as well as hundreds of witness consultations, change-of-venue studies and profiling/community surveys.

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